June 16 – INFRARED (Ottawa Trash) Premiere EP Full Stream “Back To The Warehouse” via Metal-Rules

L-R = Alain Groulx (Drums, Backing Vocals) | Mike Forbes (Bass, Backing Vocals) | Armin Kamal (Vocal, Guitar) | Kirk Gidley (Guitar, Backing Vocals) **Photo Credit: Gord Weber

Ottawa’s INFRARED is releasing their forthcoming EP “Back To The Warehouse” on June 14th. The EP is a collection of some of the older material that INFRARED deems worthy to unleash unto the public ahead of their next full studio album anticipated for 2020 release. Before the EP is officially out, these classic thrashers have teamed up with Metal-Rules.com for its exclusive full stream premiere.

The band adds: “They are the last of the old songs that we felt should see the light of day. Our upcoming EP is 5 songs. 4 originals and one cover of an Iron Maiden song. We hope that fans will appreciate the old school thrash metal feel of the release. We feel they are strong songs with interesting twists.”

Listen to “Back To The Warehouse” at the following link: https://www.metal-rules.com/2019/06/13/ottawa-thrashers-infrared-premiere-ep-full-stream-back-to-the-warehouse-via-metal-rules-com/ 

Track Listing: 1. Meet My Standards (4:58) 2. One Mouth Faces (5:03) 3. Hate Today, Despise Tomorrow (5:18) 4. Animated Realities (6:09) 5. Wrathchild (3:51) EP Length: 25:21

The EP will be available for stream and download on SpotifyBandcamp and all other major online retailers.

Show Dates: Sept 17 – Ottawa, ON – Mavericks w/ Battle Beast

For more info:
EPK – https://wp.me/pciNW-dqX

Bio: Thrash metal never dies! Like some mutated metal monster, a Thrashzilla if you will, it sees off all trends; and comes back stronger than ever fueled by love from fans and musicians alike. One such band are Ottawa’s ’80s legends INFRARED. A band who made a big impact with Canadian fans in the ’80s and in recent years returned to cement and carry on their own legacy.

Originally, Infrared was a high school band formed in the ’80s by friends who wanted to revel in the classic thrash sound that was quickly gaining traction. Collaborating on their sound since 1985 they have produced an EP (1988’s R.I.P.) and after rising from a 27-year hiatus, 2 albums “No Peace” in 2016 and “Saviours” in 2018.

Moving forward to make up for lost time, they bring a familiar aggressive and melodic classic thrash sound that is full of nostalgia, but also music that is still relevant and valid today. They explore topics that are basic human truths that don’t change over time and they consider themselves reporters through sound. Solidly rooted in classic thrash, Infrared pays homage to the Big Four and is dropping their new EP “Back To The Warehouse” in 2019 on June 14th to finally release the last of their classic material before the newest full-length studio album.

“I can happily say that if you’re a fan of that classic balls to the wall thrash metal sound then you will most certainly get a kick out of Infrared’s “Saviours”… a prime example of what thrash metal is and what it should always be. These Canadian thrashers have stayed true to the sounds they knew when they were in their earlier years and have bought that sound back to the modern era.”  – Overdrive Music Magazine“It is an excellent album, killer thrash with NWOBHM melodic sensibilities, proper singing, hooks, the full nine yards!” – Hellbound

“a savage and brutal journey of eighties inspired thrash metal, laden with heaviness and menace, heads will be banging hard from start to finish.” – Metal Gods TV

“Their new album Saviours is a thrash party from beginning to end.” – Rock Portaal“These guys play a heavy/thrash hybrid that’s highly melodic and at times is so damn catchy, some of the songs just stick in your head after the first listen. ” – The Metal Crypt