July 30 – WRAITH (US Black/Thrash) Set To Unleash “Absolute Power”

U.S. blackened thrash trio WRAITH have announced their forthcoming new album, “Absolute Power”. The wounds left by the 2018 full-length debut – “Heed The Warning” – still fresh, WRAITH is back with another deadly assault. The new album is faster, heavier, meaner and a lot more pissed off than their previous releases.

“Absolute Power” has a perfect blend of speed metal and thrash metal with a punk attitude. The album is nine originals and a Misfits cover that results in 28 minutes of no bullshit speed and thrash. The band has tapped Indy Metal Vault to launch the exclusive premiere of album track “Devil’s Hour” Check it out now at this location.

WRAITH will release “Absolute Power” on August 16. “Stream Heed the Warning” and the band’s 2017 self-titled EP at: wraith219.bandcamp.com

Absolute Power Track Listing: 1. Devil’s Hour 2. Acid Mass 3. Meaningless Planet 4. The Curse 5. War of Aggression 6. At the Stake 7. The Hunt 8. Eyes of the Sacred Ram 9. Absolute Power 10. Death Comes Ripping (The Misfits cover)

WRAITH is a three-piece blackened speed/thrash metal band that hails from Northwest Indiana. Matt Sokol, the founding member, on guitars and vocals. Mike Szymendera on drums and Chris Petkus on bass. The band has been compared to Toxic Holocaust, Midnight, early Venom and Bulldozer. WRAITH unleashed their first EP in 2017 and follow-up a year later with the debut full-length album “Heed The Warning”.

The debut quickly began spreading around the underground metal scene and gaining traction. The debut was described as “No bullshit thrash metal” & “nightmarish.” Absolute Power was written and recorded by WRAITH, and mixed and mastered by CJ Rayson. Guitar solos on “Meaningless Planet,” “The Curse” and “War of Aggression” performed by Jason Schultz.