August 09 – ETERNAL WINTER (US Epic Metal) Announce 2nd Limited Edition Cassette Pressing Of Epic Debut Album

By popular demand, MAJESTIC METAL RECORDS is proud to announce the 2nd limited edition cassette pressing of the ETERNAL WINTER epic debut album, “Within The Castle Shadowgate”.

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This release features 2 bonus tracks not available on the cd version or via download – Eternal Winter (Live 2004) and Majesty of Frozen Twilight.

The former is a savage live recording from the band’s heavier early days, while the later is a rare passionate acoustic medley performed live in the studio by Matthew Knight.

This 2nd pressing is available on Clear-Blue Sparkle cassette. The first pressing was released on Metallic Gold (Sold Out).

Tracklisting: Side EREYTH: *True Knight’s Overture (Prelude to Dark Encounters) *Majesty of Starlight  *Under The Spell  *Rumble with the Tyrant  *An Oath of Vengeance  *Ride of the Crimson Pegasus (Flight to the Island of Dreams) *Within the Castle Shadowgate

Side SARNA: *The Spirit  *Moonlight over the Crystal Valleys  *Foreboding Shores (Rise of the Serpent King)  *Leviathan’s Wrath  *Hymn to Ereyth *Eternal Winter (Live 2004) (Bonus Track)  *Majesty of Frozen Twilight (Bonus Track)

Eternal Winter is currently hard at work in the studio completing their upcoming 2nd full-length album, Archaic Lore Enshrined: Songs of Savage Swords & Dark Mysticism.

Eternal Winter band line-up (2019): *Matthew Knight – Vocals / Guitars *Gordon Burchell – Bass *Keith Moye – Keyboards *Matt Brookins – Drums

Eternal Winter’s legendary debut album “Within the Castle Shadowgate” was originally released in 2014.

For the latest band news, upcoming show dates and purchase music, visit the official Eternal Winter website, BandCamp page and Majestic Metal Records website:

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Eternal Winter – “Within The Castle Shadowgate” You Tube audio video album preview link (2014)

Biography: Known as The True Knights Of Metal, the American heavy metal band, Eternal Winter have been gracing the underground with their unique brand of dark & epic, true power metal since 2002.

Now, after over a decade of demos, EPs and countless live shows, the band has finally released their debut full-length album, “Within The Castle Shadowgate”. Led by vocalist/guitarist/songwriter, Matthew Knight, the music of Eternal Winter ranges from melodic and symphonic to dark, savage and heavy.

A concept album based on their own Eternal Winter Saga, this collection of metal hymns is laden with soaring, ripping vocals, high-pitched screams, huge choirs, monstrous rhythms, shredding solos, majestic keyboard arrangements, dramatic interludes and theatrical narrations. A must-have for any fan of True Epic Heavy Metal!